ACLA's School Uniform Policy - updated 9-1-2022

As a reminder, your school uniform must be worn every day except for occasional dress down or spirit wear days, as shared in morning announcements.

Regular school uniforms consist of: 1) white shirts with collars (polo shirts or button-down shirts) and can be long sleeve or short sleeve, 2) khaki or black dress pants (no jeans, no sweatpants, no leggings), 3) dress shoes (no sneakers) - colors must be mostly black, gray, navy or brown, 4) students may wear black, gray, navy or brown sweaters or sweatshirts (no hoodies), 5) School tie (available for purchase in the main office). 

MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS ONLY:  On days when students have cadets (for 2022-2023, it will be on Fridays), students will wear "PT gear":  1) plain white t-shirt, 2) plain black sweatpants, 3) sneakers.

Reversible mesh shirts are available for purchase in the main office for use during physical education classes.